January 15 2020

Power Beacon Showcases the Incredible Performance of the Helios Data SDK

North Scituate, Rhode Island. — 1/15/2021 — Power Beacon reveals the latest performance of the Helios High Performance Data SDK. The High Performance Data SDK is critical to the Helios Platform's ability to access massive amounts of data instantly for advanced analysis and AI processing.

"This High Performance Data layer is critical for Helios to be able to simulate millions of objects in real-time every second", said Brian Kennedy - CEO of Power Beacon. "This ability to access data, form and correlate relationships, test hypothesis, and then totally reconfigure the data and start again is at the very heart of Helios' ability to make discoveries. As Helios carries out the goals of each object in the clients simulation - whether its a ecommerce application looking to offer the best cross-sell to a shopper, to a CRM system looking to solve a customer's problem automatically, to a marketing forcast report trying to identify what level of products to carry for the next season, Helios is constantly challenging its rules to try and discover new causalities and make recommendations to improve the simulation's programming."

As such, being able to manipulate this mountain of data is critical, and the team at Power Beacon has demonstrated the its up to the challenge with these impressive performance gains over current industry standards:

Data Queries - The ability to query a data table for results. (higher is better)
Industry Standard: 2,500,000 queries / second
Helios Platform: 417,900,000 queries / second
Percent Increase: 16,616%

Data Indexing - The ability to create and populate data into a structure for data retrieval. This test creates an index on 2,000,000 rows of data. (lower is better)
Industry Standard: 15 seconds
Helios Platform: 0.024 seconds
Percent Increase: 62,400%

Data Sorting - The ability to sort a data table for results. This test sorts 45,000,000 rows of data. (lower is better)
Industry Standard: 27 seconds
Helios Platform: 1.15 seconds
Percent Increase: 2,247%

Data Export - The ability to generate a textual export file and write it to disk. In this case an XML output file was generated based on 1,000,000 rows of data. (lower is better)
Industry Standard: 872 seconds
Helios Platform: 0.1 seconds
Percent Increase: 871,900%

Data Import - The ability to import data from a CSV file allowing for full CSV functionality - ie., UTF-8 multibyte characters, quoted strings, nested quotes, malformed rows, data validation, etc. (higher is better)
Industry Standard: 249,148 rows / second
Helios Platform: 9,938,983 rows / second
Percent Increase: 3,889%

These incredible statistics show just how powerful the Helios platform will be as the world's first 100% GPU based solution. And its important to note that these results where achieved running on just a single NVidia GPU card that is several generations old. A full Helios solution would employee 20+ of the latest NVidia GPUs in a single simulation.

About Power Beacon.

Power Beacon helps clients in diverse industries solve real world problems with AI. Our launch platform Helios™ is a revolutionary enterprise solution that blends traditional AI methods with our own proprietary AI and simulation technology to help clients make smarter decisions, quickly. We use the Helios platform to spawn industry-specific solutions.

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