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Our Mission

Power Beacon will be a leader in the application of diverse Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to create actionable solutions for business, integrating both “black box” and our proprietary “white box” approaches. First, we are leveraging our deep expertise in AI, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Software, to create solutions that give Enterprises the competitive advantage.

Who We are

  • A start-up company, incorporated in Rhode Island
  • Founded by an industry veteran with over 30 years experience in enterprise software, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and cloud computing
  • Having a large business/enterprise pedigree complemented by start-up experience
  • A track record of creating partnerships, ecosystems, and collaboration
  • With the ability and resouce access to scale up
Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Brian Kennedy is CEO and Founder of Power Beacon, where he leads the R&D and Engineering teams developing the Helios Platform, an enterprise artificial intelligence and simulation platform enabling advanced fraud detection and player performance improvements in esports. He has worked in the software industry for over 28 years. Previously, Brian was the CTO of Precision Design Studio, where he established and led an advanced research lab to focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced architectures and algorithms designed for massively parallel systems using NVIDIA's CUDA and GPUs.

Brian has also servered as CTO of InMotion System - the developers of HitTrax, a game changing system for baseball and softball training based on a high-tech data collection system focused on player engagement and performance improvement. Prior to that, he serverd as Senior Director of Center of Excellence / Enterprise Architecture at Salesforce Cloud Commerce, as well as Director of Mobile / Web Development for MasterCard Advisors, and Founder and CEO of Prism Technologies.

Power Beacon North Scituate, RI Headquarters

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