October 30 2018

Power Beacon Launches New Web Site for Artificial Intelligence - Showcases Helios Platform

North Scituate, Rhode Island. — 10/30/2020 — Power Beacon today announced it has launched a new website dedicated to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform - Helios. The website is highly educational and provides detailed insights into the company’s revolutionary approach to AI, providing actionable solutions for business.

The Helios AI Platform is an Enterprise-scale software development platform and represents a revolutionary approach to Enterprise Software. Organizations can use Helios to build or integrate with mission critical systems in areas such as - eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management, Marketing, Sales, and Process Automation.

A system built on Helios will benefit from the power of AI prediction and decision making, along with improved operational performance and efficiencies due to Helios’ unique simulation approach.

"Helios can look across the entire data set of an organization and discover deep insights and connections, as well as identify efficiencies and missed opportunities,” said Power Beacon’s CEO Brian Kennedy. “Based on these discoveries, Helios can simulate the resulting effect if these new connections were implemented as part of the current solution and demonstrate the predicted behavior long with explaining itself in an English-like manner - something today's deep machine learning systems cannot do."

About Power Beacon.

Power Beacon helps clients in diverse industries solve real world problems with AI. Our launch platform Helios™ is a revolutionary enterprise solution that blends traditional AI methods with our own proprietary AI and simulation technology to help clients make smarter decisions, quickly. We use the Helios platform to spawn industry-specific solutions.

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